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The main point of our activity is to test the best games and application
through ordinary people, that is you and to point out the weaknesses, merits, we give feedback to programmers and all that helps them a lot to improve their products.
You don’t need to be a professional in this area, conversely, everybody suits us as the applications are used by all people – starting from a housewife and ending with a programmer.

How does it work?

After the first game enter, our smart system starts accruing you points for the time that you have spent and activity in this game. You can spend not more than 10 hours in one game, after that your points are not accrued and you need to pass to another one. Our programmers have created a real magic-program, which know how to analyze activity of every player, his unique behavior, his mistakes and successes in the game, comparing all that with an enormous array
of statistic data.
The information is presented to our partners – developers of games and applications, to whom it is invaluable, and on its
basis they can be improving their projects all the time. And a tester receives his honestly earned American dollars. If you find any bugs, you need to inform us about that on our mail, as we accrue additional bonus points for that which later on can be converted in dollars, that in the end of the month make a pretty sum for your efforts.
We do not try to hide the fact that tester gamers receive not less than $12000, and the most active even a much more.
A few hours
of your playing
a game per day are

Salary is not less than $12000 per month.

You can see your first earnings already in 72 hours in the report which we form and send on your e-mail.
The earnings are accrued in dollars one time per month, in any convenient way for you.

About us

We are an international company
with foreign capital, making sure steps
on the market of internet industry of
browser games and mobile applications.
We are direct partners of the leading
companies developers of mobile content.


I would like to say thank you for my working here. For now, my earnings are $12100. I used to work in a company with 8 hour working day and 6 day working week and I received two times less. After two months of my working here I quitted the company. Now I enough time for everything.
Hello everybody! I’ve been working as a tester already for half a year. For the work I spend 2 hours of my time in the evening and I receive $12900 per month. Join us!
I often visited the site but didn’t apply. But I should have, my friend told me where he received so much money, and I understood that I was such a fool! I should have go to work in UP. As the earnings per month are $13500 and I spend only 2 hours per day.

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